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Skull Coast Ales

Sometimes you don't know where your ideas are going to take you. When our client approached us about creating a brand for Skull Coast Ales, it was for a single Carolina Ale they called Skull White.  The brew and the brand gained traction very quickly and within a year we had the pleasure of designing several other beer labels for Skull Coast as well as stationary and promotional merchandise.

The Skull White brand has gone through a lot of changes since then and is now the moniker for a wildly successful media company in South Carolina. We still provide design services to Skull Coast eight years after our first introduction. Wherever your ideas and brand lead you, we will be there to support you and help you achieve your goals.

Skull Coast Ales: Text

"I've been working with Jim for more than 10 glorious years. Whether it be logos, packaging, marketing, or even our latest venture animation, I know I can always depend on Jim to execute beautiful design solutions that are better than I originally envisioned. No matter what challenge I throw at him, he often responds with a handful of market oriented improvements that keep our clients and customers coming back. When it comes to graphic design, I only have one phone number in my contacts list -- Colotera."

Dave Fox CEO, Skull Coast, LLC.  

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