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Samior Knives

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What was hindering success?

The client had an exceptional selection of quality knives for sale, and had experienced a little success, but was not achieving the sell-through they needed for this business to be highly profitable.

It's not enough to have a great idea or even a great product. Without all of the right tools in place, you can end up with a lot of costly inventory that can be the death of your business.


How did we help?

We went to work applying our proven methods for successful product marketing. This was achieved by  identifying the wants and desires of the Every Day Carry customer.  We made adjustments to existing designs, proposed new designs, phased out products that had no "legs", improved and elevated the brand with graphic design and photography, and created an effective B2C sales funnel through social media.


What was the outcome?

  • Amazon sales up 20%

  • Website sales up 200%

  • Customer satisfaction up 15%

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"Jim and his team were able to see our business in a new light and identify gaps in our marketing we weren't even aware of. The changes they helped us to implement in our marketing and sales process have had a huge, positive impact on our product sell-through and profitability. I highly recommend Jim and the Colotera team for helping to get your business to the next level."

Chris Sun Owner, Samior Knives

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